Packing Advice

Securing Your Baggage

Please ensure when you present your baggage at check-in that:-

Your baggage is securely closed and if possible locked. Passengers are advised to secure all valuables, personal documents and medication in their carry-on baggage to avoid any inconvenience.

Loose straps or other items are not hanging from the bag, as they may get caught in the baggage system and cause further damage.

You remove all old baggage tags and old name labels, as this may delay the delivery of your baggage to your final destination.

You label each bag on the inside with your name and full destination address and on the outside with your name and destination city . Iraqi Airways security requires your full address on the outside of your baggage.

Your carry camera equipment, electronic equipment, cash, jewellery and other similar valuable items, as well as medication and prescriptions are with you on board the aircraft. Do not pack these items in your checked baggage .

Prohibited items in your carry-on baggage include; darts, toys or replica guns, plastic or metal catapults, household cutlery knives with blades of any length, paper knives, razor blades, straight razors, tradesman's tools, scissors, ice picks, manicure sets, hypodermic syringes (unless medically required, must have a Doctor's note), knitting needles, sporting bats, billiard, snooker,

pool cues, any other cutting instrument of any size, made from any material. The term "cutting instruments" includes every kind of cutting instrument, including carpet knives, box cutters, and other folding or retractable blades, regardless of blade length or composition, even those less than four inches, whether metallic or non-metallic.

If you are travelling with any form of household goods, chemical cylinders, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory testing equipment, fuels, concentration, personal effects such as aerosols, please view our guidelines on dangerous goods, as failure to properly identify and tender transportation may be subject to legal penalties and a prison sentence.

Do not carry unidentified items on behalf of other passengers .

Iraqi Airways recommends that if your baggage weight exceed 20 kilos (unless otherwise stated), these items should be shipped via Iraqi Airways Cargo.

Iraqi Airways assumes no liability for fragile, perishable or valuable articles, including camera equipment, cash and jewellery, or for damage such as scratches, dents, cuts, or to wheels, or damage due to over packing and manufacturer's defects. Customers are advised against packing mediation and dangerous goods in their baggage .

You have been provided with this information to assist with your travel comfort. These suggestions help us at Iraqi Airways to handle your baggage more efficiently and promptly thereby allowing them to arrive safely at your destination.