Voluntary Flight Changes

Voluntary flight changes occur when a passenger holding a valid ticket, a confirmation on that flight and presented themselves for check-in within the required time, and who, at Iraqi Airways request for volunteers, willingly accepts the offer of compensation in exchange for relinquishing his/her confirmed reservation. Iraqi Airways will make the necessary arrangements for passengers to be placed on the next available flight.

If it is determined that more passengers hold confirmed reservations than there are seats available on the aircraft, as in the case of overbooked flights, no one may be denied boarding against his will, until an airline personnel first asks for volunteers who are willing to give up their reservations on that flight, in exchange for compensation. Flight arrangements will be made for the passenger on another day or flight. Compensatory amounts vary with your point of departure and this is provided in the form of a Travel Voucher or cash when stipulated by the laws of the particular country. Travel Vouchers must be used within one year and cannot be transferred or cashed.

Locally boarded passengers having their residence within a reasonable distance from the airport, and who do not wish to utilize the hotel accommodation offered at Iraqi Aiways expense, may opt for free return transportation between the airport and their residence. Compensation will still be provided